Shan State – National Landmark

Shan State

Shan State

Hpaung Daw U Pagoda, Goteik viaduct and Pindaya Caves are the most attractable and remarkable landmarks in Shan State. Those miniature constructions are beautifully exhibited near the Kayah State exhibition area of the garden. The scale model of Inle Lake is built with 1:36600 scale, Hpaung Daw U is built with 1:7 scale, Goteik viaduct is built with 1:113 scale and Pindaya Caves is built with 1:6 scale respectively.

Inle lake

Actual - 35.88 sq mi., Built - 21000 sqft, Ratio 1:36600

Hpaung Daw U Pagoda

Actual - 127 ft 6 in., Built - 18ft, Ratio 1:7

Goteik viaduct

Actual -           sqft., Built - 10052.31 sqft, Ratio       1:113

Pindaya Caves

Actual -       ., Built -    , Ratio 1:6


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